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At PROLOGY we are commited to providing our clients with the highest level of Real Estate services along with the best resources in Indonesia.

Our continued success will reflect our company’s long proven track record of Integrated Marketing Management.

So When people ask, ” What’s different with PROLOGY ?” The Answer is in many spesific example where we have been activr in the largest real estate company in Indonesia, and all of our teams are eager to achieve extraordinary goals, solve complex problems, or make meaningful progress. More deeply, in the fundamental beliefs, behaviours, and goals that underpin everything we do.

Indra Widjaja Antono
Co Founder and Chairman

Indra Widaja Antono is the Co Founder and Chairman of PROLOGY. During his nearly 27 years of experience in the property industry in Indonesia, Indra has had success in all the projects he has developed. From year to year ... ... Indra has succeeded in developing more than 40 Projects in Indonesia, and its success in developing superblock and boutique residential projects under the umbrella of Agung Podomoro Land makes it one of the people who have received various awards in Indonesia and overseas. Indra has been serving as Vice President Director of Agung Podomoro Land, Tbk, besides that, he is also active as CEO in several project development projects spread throughout Indonesia. Under his leadership, Agung Podomoro Land has continued strong growth in all regions and practices, driven by investment in several housing projects, Apartment, Office building and Shopping Mall to encourage innovation and transformation in property development in Indonesia. Indra is also a member of several leading organizations, such as Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Previously, Indra also had a career in Sumarecon Agung, Tbk and was active in the development of the city scale project of Sumarecon Serpong (Gading Serpong) in South Tangerang. He received an MBA in Planology from Tarumanagara University.

Hendry Tamzel
Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hendry Tamzel is the Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PROLOGY. After nearly 26 years of experience as Director of the Ciputra Group, from 2008 to 2017, Hendry was very active in Expansion of developing project on a small scale to a city scale in several cities in Indonesia. He also assisted in the strategic marketing process for several projects from Kolkata in India, Phnompenh in Cambodia and in Shenyang China. Hendry joined Ciputra Group in 1992 and held various leadership positions and was involved in managing several projects in the Ciputra Group. And in organizing activities, until now he is still as the Board of Professional Certification for Property Brokers. Hendry has substantial experience in the strategic process of developing Housing, Office and Commercial Center projects spread across Jakarta, Tangerang, Palembang, Jambi, Pontianak, Samarinda, Batam and has an extensive network throughout Indonesia. He is currently a Senior Advisor in the context of initiating the development of a city-scale project in Jonggol which works together within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative - China. Hendry received an MBA in Finance from Tarumanagara University and lecturer at the Property Academy and actively writes and is a judge for the Property Indonesia Award magazine.


The synergy of two knowledge

PROLOGY combines the capabilities of the two Indonesian real estate industry knowledge and all comes down to the empirical ability of the industry and an appreciation of dedication and integrity. The diverse PROLOGY team presents in-depth industry and functional expertise and diverse perspectives to drive change through leading management consultancy. We work in a collaborative and energetic model of all relevant companies to provide optimal results.


— Our Mission

With deep and broad strategic management expertise, we combine our strategic views to provide a perspective that makes pragmatism an ambition for action.


— Our Vision

PROLOGY will always contribute to success through collaborative methodology and will become a company that gives high appreciation for dedication, integrity and professionalism for people throughout Indonesia. And to achieve this, PROLOGY will always innovate and create superior business models.

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